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"For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations." Isaiah 56:7

Glorious First Worship Service in the New Building
August 5, 2012

Just as on the day of the last service at the old building, the first thing I saw when I pulled up to the new building for the long-awaited first service was the same group of faithful prayer warriors, sitting in a circle in the lobby, praying and praising God for this miraculous, stupendous day. And it was one of those rare gorgeous, sunny, blue-skyed Big Island days that make you so glad you 'live Hawaii'.

By the time we finished praying, the church began to buzz with excitement; our 9am Bible Study was crowded with smiles and visitors; and by 10:30am the sanctuary began to fill. One hundred and forty plus chairs had been set up and the final count for the day was one hundred and forty-two happy hearts! The worship service was most joyous and the acoustics were perfect.

Pastor Alan's sermon was full of power to preach the Gospel and the sanctuary resonated with it. All the praise and glory went to God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit for bringing us in to His glorious house of prayer. Our prayers will always be for His glory - that He will use Puna Baptist Church to further His purposes here and throughout the world - and that we will bear much fruit that remains for eternity, blessing and discipling those whom He brings.

The photos just cannot do justice to the glory of the day, but here are a few that were taken
(point to the photo for a brief description):
The Parking Lot Fills Plenty of Room for More Entryway Portico E Komo Mai The Sanctuary is through the Lobby and to your right First Announcements First Worship Service First Full House

Prayer Warriors Honored

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